Ben & Ebony

Ben and Ebony got married in September 2015 in a shed Ebony's Dad built, surrounded by all the epic humans most dear to their hearts.
The most important thing to them is their family, their friends, their wonderful clients, good food and good coffee. Ebony loves creating epic ideas and Ben executes them. They're kind of a really great team like that. The most important part of a wedding to them is making sure you (the bride and groom) have the best freaking day ever without you even noticing us there tinkering away behind the scenes.
The rest of the time you can find these guys as the Photography and Videography duo benandebony.com.au.


Emma and Warren got married before breakfast on a hot Novembers day in the park ,  just down the road from Warren's parents home. They met serendipitous-ly in Russia and did the long distance thing, before getting married after a speedy three month engagement.  Warren is an introvert who loves people to the point of exhaustion and Emma is an extrovert who craves her alone time. 
The most important thing to them is traveling the world,  road trips down south to see family, their church and inventing things with their 3D printer (that one is more Warren than Emma). 
Their favorite part of a wedding day is watching the groom see his bride for the first time and watching everything else fade away.
Emma is also currently doing her MA in Development Studies and Warren makes robots like Tony Stark (for real!)